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We are here to help publish your business or creative project in the best shape and format – in many cases, the magazine style is the best form.

We are experts in publishing magazines, i.e. regular subscription-based publications (be it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other). If you follow us closer, you know that digital magazines are more to us than typical text. For digital magazines we deal with audio (podcasts, internet radios), with video (YouTube, video streaming), with photos and galleries (Instagram, Pinterest, Pressgram, etc.), texts and creative interactivity enhancing reading and content consumption process. 

In FastTrack Magazines we can guide you and give you the blueprint of what needs to be done in order to publish regularly. But before we can do that, we need to find out if our service makes sense for you.

Yes! You might think, “Why is that? I know it’s a great idea!” Maybe someone told you or you read about it. Whatever the case, it’s not for everyone and it’s not always such a great idea to publish a magazine.

 Why do we care? Simple: we are businessmen and we want long term partners. To become long term partners, our joint project must make sense for your business and situation.

But once we have a green light from both sides, we use mobile technology to create engaging pieces that help people, communities and companies. Engaging with knowledge, imagination and creativity.


We specialise in using technology to publish effectively and for profit. We are in love with magazines. We don’t do books, nor code special apps. We don’t do it because others can do those things better, but we do magazines the best! And the magazine format beats most of the other forms in effectiveness and impact any day of the week.

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